Tips to maintain the healthy eyes

Which tips are accountable for making your eyes healthy and good in vision?

According to the best eye specialist, ‘’If the individuals do not want to get bothered with the eye problems, like vision reduction, colour blindness, glaucoma, and the cataract, then it’s high time that they start taking care of their eyes.” To make sure that those who want to know about the tips of maintaining healthy eyes are having a good deal of information to benefit from, we have considered publishing our today’s article on that topic. The below-mentioned bullets are the tips to keep your eyes healthy which are presented by the famous ophthalmologists practising in the well-reputed eye hospital in Punjab.

Follow a good diet

No matter whichever part of the body it is for whom you desire to be in the utmost healthy state, you should always make sure that you are eating healthy foods. Certain nutrients are deemed good for the particular body part. For yes these are:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

You should fill your platter with such food items which are rich in these. The following items are must be there on your plate:

  • Green Veggies
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Citrus Fruits

Use protective eyewear

It has been estimated that almost 40% to 60% of the patients who visit the eye-care clinic to get rid of the particular eye-burning condition are suffering from some kind of the injuries. This is the main reason that the ophthalmologist always suggests wearing protective eyewear when they are going out.


When you are particularly visiting the sites on which the construction work or the home improvement work is going on, then Do not forget to wear protective eyewear.

Wear sunglasses

We all know that there are holes in the ozone layers. The rays of the sun which reaches the earth after passing from these holes are the most harmful ones as these are not filtered. To make sure that your eyes are not exposed to such rays, you should always consider wearing sunglasses whenever you are going out of your home.

Do not use the old makeup

The eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organs of the body, so these catch infections at a rapid rate as compared to the other organs of the body. So it is suggested that the individuals should throw out the old eye makeup as with time, it gets rich in bacteria.


  • Do not share the cosmetics used in the eye makeup
  • Make sure to clean your face before the makeup
  • Do not go to bed without removing the makeup
  • Change your makeup after every 3 months

Screen Break

If you are doing a blue-collar job and you are paid to stare at the screen for 8 to 10 hours, then you should take a few breaks off from the screen.


  • Mange the ideal distance of the screen for your eyes
  • Take screen breaks after every 20 minutes

Bottom Line

Do these tips work for you? If yes and you want more such tips, please let us know. We shall be very happy to share more information with you on this topic.

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