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Customised Lasik

Customised Lasik Is Optimised Lasik For Your Eyes. Every Patient Recieves A Scan Before Surgery To Get Data Points For Your Eyes Which Helps The Machine To Remove Not Only Your Spectacles But Also Improve The Night Time Glares.

Each Procedure Is Done With The Laser Tailored For Each Eye

It Is A Good Option For People Who Want An Easier Driving And Reading Abilities Along With A Limited Budget.

Want To Go A Step Further ??

Want To Experience Even More Customisation To Attain Even Better Vision And No Glares, Go For Contoura Vision, you Can Opt In For Contoura Vision (With Blade)

What is Customized Lasik, and why is it Performed?

There are a number of disorders an eye has: Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are one of the common problems that occur in eyesight. Many individuals use glasses and corrective lenses daily to have corrected vision, as glasses are not the solution forever.

Advanced technology has brought the solution to these problems. Customized Lasik is used to correct the situations of Myopia (higher order Abbreviations). They are small optical irregularities that can not be corrected through spherical and cylindrical corrective measures—also, Hyperopia (Lower Order Aberration).  

Astigmatism occurs when the shape of the Cornea is Different from the lens and results in blurred vision from all directions.

To correct all these disorders, Customized Lasik is performed:

Before performing the Lasik surgery, special laser wavefront technology is used to create a three-dimensional image of the eye, which helps in performing the surgery and helps the eye specialist to know how much Cornea is needed to alter.  

After that, with the help of a Femtosecond Laser, a flap is created, and the Excimer Laser is used to correct the shape of the Cornea. Then the flap is closed. This is how the problem of Myopia and Hyperopia is fixed.


To get your clear and more focused vision back, come to Mitra Eye & Laser Lasik Hospital. We performed the Customized Lasik surgeries in Phagwara, Punjab with the latest technology-packed equipment. At affordable prices, you will get treated by well-practiced eye specialists. 

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