Which Are The Various Refractive Errors? What Are The Signs And The Causes?

Which Are The Various Refractive Errors? What Are The Signs And The Causes?

We have seen our elders facing difficulty reading books which are printed with tiny fonts. We also do encounter such situations in our daily life in which we do not see what is written on the signboard. Have you ever thought about the reason behind it? Then it is the problem of the refractive errors. According to the best eye specialist in Punjab, “ The refractive errors can come into origin owing to the aging and the change in the size & shape of the eyeball and the cornea respectively. So let us get to know a few of the refractive errors which are being treated by the eye hospital in Punjab

  • Hyperopia

 This refractive error is known by the name of farsightedness. When the individual is suffering from this error, then he can see the objects which are placed at the largest distance but he faces the problem in focusing on the objects placed nearby such as reading the book at the shortest distance of the eye from the book. 


The most common signs of hyperopia when the individual is trying to focus on the closet connect is as follow: 

  • Feeling strain
  • Headaches
  • The feeling of extreme exertion


When the eyeball becomes smaller as compared to the earlier size, then the problem of hyperopia comes into existence. 

  • Myopia

Myopia is most commonly known by the name of nearsightedness. This is the exact opposite of what happens in hyperopia. In this condition, the eyes can focus on the object placed at the closest distance but it is unveiled to focus on the farthest objects. 


The signs of myopia are the same as that of hyperopia. Since reading the nearer objects will make you suffer from headaches and may cause stain on the eyes. But if you perpetuate to focus on the farthest object forcefully, then you will surely end up getting extremely exerted and you may find it difficult to stay awake since your mind needs rest. 

  • Astigmatism

Have you ever been surprised by someone being tapped from the back? Everyone has. So why do you get surprised in those situations? It is because you were focusing on one object and you did not have any clue of what was going on in the surrounding, so the sudden tapping made you feel afraid. 

So now you can easily understand the problem of astigmatism. When your eyes are not particularly focusing on the one object but it has its focus on the surrounding object sass well simultaneously, then it will cause you to experience blurry and hazy vision. 


  • Constant headaches
  • Eyestrain


The extreme enlargement of the cornea. 


To get all the above mentioned refractive errors treated, you should be taking the treatment from the Mitra Eye care hospital, which is renowned for providing the best treatment with the upgraded technology. The cost of the treatment also comes under the affordable range.

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