Cost of Contoura Vision Surgery in India

The Blade Approach to Contoura Surgery

Contoura vision is a technique in which your vision of the cornea gets checked. It is helpful for creating a map that is highly personalised and perceiving the correction of cornea problems. 

Contoura vision is the latest advancement in laser surgery treatment. It is helpful for correcting the vision of the eye. Many people are suffering from vision problems. In those cases, contour vision surgery can provide you with a satisfying result after the surgery. The surgery procedure is quite expensive, but the cost of contour vision surgery in Jalandhar is affordable. The contoura vision surgery is of two types: Bladeless and with a blade.  

What is the definition of contoura vision surgery with blades?

Contoura vision surgery is also known as Topography. It is one of the advanced procedures. This procedure is more similar to LASIK surgery. It is beneficial for removing the spectacle. It is an advanced and modern technique that removes the need for eyeglasses. The cornea is reshaped during the surgery of Contoura vision. A BP Blade is used to perform this surgery, and this surgery is done under the effect of local anaesthesia. Contoura Vision with Blade Surgery in Phagwara is quite prominent for the removal of specs. 

Benefits of contoura vision eye surgery

The surgery of contoura vision eye surgery with blades provides several benefits. This technique was introduced in January 2022. The benefits are as follows: 

  • Sharpness in the cornea: The surgery of contour vision in which the blades are used increases the sharpness of the cornea during the surgery procedure. 
  • Customization: Combining blades with Contoura Vision technology could potentially allow for even more customised and precise vision correction based on the unique contours of the individual’s eyes.
  • Safety: Depending on the specific technique, the use of blades might be associated with safety features or advantages, although modern laser techniques are generally considered safe.
  • Improved Healing: The use of blades might influence the healing process, potentially leading to quicker recovery.

It is important to learn about new advancements in medical science. The new technologies and advanced procedures are more beneficial for providing the perfect treatment. Visit an eye specialist for the check up and for the treatment at an affordable Cost of Contoura Vision Surgery in India

Drawbacks of contoura vision surgery. 

As with other surgeries, contour surgery provides you with the best results, but surgical procedures are also dangerous and have some disadvantages. 

  • Complications and Not suitable for everyone: there are some complications after the surgery procedure. You may experience infection, swelling, scarring and many more. Contour vision surgery is not a good option for everyone. People who have some specific eye illness are not good candidates for the procedure of contour vision surgery. 
  • Recovery time and Side effects of contoura vision surgery: The surgery procedure takes some time to recover. You are not able to do your daily activities for some days. The procedure has some side effects. People may experience dry eyes, Halos, Sensitivity and many more. The side effects can be permanent and momentary.

Everyone wants to remove the spectacle, for which they opted for contour vision surgery with blade and bladeless. For contour vision, surgery, Contact the Mitra Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre. We provide perfect Contoura Vision with Blade Surgery in Punjab with proper care and safety.

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