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Sight Savvy: Strategies for Thriving with Glaucoma


Glaucoma is the worst problem that can take away our eyesight permanently. It can only ruin our ability to see clearly and will end up ruining our vision. It can also be a result of our lifestyle.

If you are one of those people living with this condition and are at risk of losing your eyesight, this blog from the best eye hospital in Punjab will guide you in improving the condition and enhance your overall well being. Firstly we will discuss the causes of Glaucoma.

Causes of Glaucoma

Here are some of the causes of this condition that needs to be countered while having a regular checkup in the following:

  1. Increased Intraocular Pressure:There is a delicate balance that the eye has to maintain between the fluid production and drainage. If there is any inefficiency in the drainage system, the aqueous humour will start building up, leading to increased intraocular pressure. It can also damage your optic nerve over time.
  2. Age-Related Changes: According to the best eye hospital in Punjab, as we age, the risk of glaucoma also increases. Efficiency in the fluid drainage can also decrease with age, which can lead to development of this condition.
  3. Genetic Predisposition: If you live in a family with a history of glaucoma, you are also likely to develop this condition. There are certain genetic factors that contribute to this condition.
  4. Abnormal Blood Flow: According to the experts specialising in advanced Glaucoma Surgery in Punjab, conditions like systemic hypertension and changes in blood flow to the optic nerve can be impactful on the nerve and cause glaucoma development in the eyes.
  5. Other Medical Ailments: There are certain problems such as diabetes, which is a troublesome problem for our own body. Diabetes can affect the blood vessels and can be impactful on our optic nerves.
  6. Eye Trauma and Injury: The balance in the eye fluid can be disrupted due to severe eye injuries or trauma that can damage the drainage system.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

There are certain symptoms of this “silent thief of sight”, which gradually progresses without any noticeable symptoms until significant vision loss. Here is a list of certain issues that can be experienced by certain individuals in the following:

  • Gradual loss of peripheral vision
  • Blurred or Hazy Vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Intense eye pain or headaches

Sometimes, you won’t even feel the symptoms that can be really hard for the experts specialising in advanced Glaucoma Surgery in Punjab, thus letting this condition develop.

Glaucoma Diagnosis

The diagnostic tests of this condition is done in the methods given below:

  1. Tonometry
  2. Visual Field Testing
  3. Ophthalmoscopy
  4. Gonioscopy
  5. Optical  Coherence Tomography

Tips to Manage Glaucoma

Here are some of the best ways with which you can manage glaucoma and ensure the best outcomes in the following:

  1. Medication: Doctors prescribe particular eye drops that can be helpful in controlling intraocular pressure. You need to use those eye drops to ensure the best outcomes.
  2. Regular Checkup: Regular eye checkups will help you keep the development of this condition under the check, which will be really helpful for your eyesight.
  3. Lifestyle Changes: an overall change in lifestyle such as exercises, diets and other important things need to be brought to improve the overall condition and enhance your overall life.
  4. Stress Management; Life can be really stressful, but with glaucoma, it becomes more stressful. Hence, the best eye hospital in Punjab states that it is important to manage your stress levels to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Glaucoma is the worst condition that can take away our eyesight. However with the utmost treatment and care at the hands of people specialising in advanced Glaucoma Treatment in Punjab, we can control its development and ensure the best outcomes.

Hence, you need to consult the best people involved in this treatment to ensure the best outcomes.

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