Cataracts V/s Glaucoma

How do cataracts and glaucoma affect the eyes? What are the various symptoms?

In this post, we are going to discuss Glaucoma and cataracts. Both of these eye problems are accountable for causing vision loss. If you neglect these eye problems at the first stage, then these would gradually deteriorate the health of the eyes. According to the ophthalmologist of the famous eye hospital in Punjab,  no matter the symptoms of both the problems are the same, but there is a difference in the severity with which they affect the eyes. These problems may commence to gradually cause your vision to become blurred. If you feel that the power of your glasses or lenses needs to be changed and you are fed up with the recurrent changes, then Lasik surgery in Punjab is the best option for you. 

Lets Begin: 

How is glaucoma caused?

Glaucoma is a condition that is caused when the fluid buildup gets increased in the body. 


There is a presence of aqueous fluid in our eyes. These fluids keep on getting refreshed. The older fluid leaves the eyes and new fluid takes the place of that. The older fluid gets replaced through the drainage fluid and the small openings which are present. If by some means, that opening gets blocked, then the newer fluid will keep on getting filled and the older fluid will not get drained. With this, the fluid build-up gets increased in our body.


So it is necessary to get yourself checked by a reputed ophthalmologist. If you do not do so, then there are chances that the increased fluid build-up may damage the optic nerves. If these optic nerves get damaged, then there are chances that you will suffer from vision loss.

Do you know? 

Glaucoma can be of two types – Open-angle and closed-angle. 

How are cataracts caused?

In the inner portion of your eyes, there is a lens that helps the images to get projected into the retina. The images are formed at the back of your eye. 


What happens when you suffer from cataracts is that the proteins present in your eyes begin to get broken. With time, they get collected or stuck together. When this happens, then the clumps are formed. These clumps can be of different colours like white brown and yellow. They are responsible for clouding, blocking and distorting the vision. These colourful cloud-like clumps are known as cataracts. 

Do you know? 

56% of the vision loss cases are caused by cataracts. 

What are the symptoms of cataracts? 

Cataracts do not emerge with some symptoms. In many cases, it has been observed that no symptom was experienced and thus the patient did not know that he was suffering from some kind of problem. But if you will experience the symptom, then it would be in the following forms:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Double vision 
  • Poor night vision 
  • Experiencing the colours in the pale and faded form 
  • Your eyes may get extra sensitive to the lights 
  • You will experience frequent changes in the eyewear prescription.

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